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Fionuala Power has been connecting to Yoga for over 25 years starting with her personal practice during her career as a dancer with The Royal Ballet and evolving to becoming a devoted practitioner and skilled Yoga teacher. Her passion for Yoga has led her to travel to India, USA & Europe studying with some of the most knowledgeable and distinguished teachers in the world. She is now based in London whilst travelling to teach internationally.

Fionuala's teaching approach is to encourage, inspire and facilitate the individual's Yoga experience. Her classes are structured around creative, dynamic sequences combining postures to build physical strength and flexibility as well as to fine-tune breath awareness. She is known for her exceptional ability to guide all levels of students beyond their usual limitations and to explore their full potential.

Fionuala believes Yoga is a tool that should be utilised throughout life as it connects us to the body and mind, cultivating a healthy positive attitude. It is a way of being which has the potential to improve and transform all aspects of our lives extending from our physical and mental well-being to our professions and relationships.

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